DRAWING AS RESEARCH with Jewellery Designer Inga Reed

DRAWING AS RESEARCH with Jewellery Designer Inga Reed

Wed 17 Feb, Wed 16 March 2016, 10.30am -12.30pm

Workshop fee €5, student €3

Workshop suitable for third level students, designers and people with an interest in drawing, craft & design.

Drawing is a wonderful skill to have, not only in it’s own right, but because it can also be an invaluable design tool which allows the maker to explore a range of possibilities in proportions, textures and colours. Design options can be quickly reviewed on paper where it is far easier to avoid mistakes and seize on the best ideas before committing to possibly expensive materials and lengthy making processes.

Before fully exploiting drawing as a research tool, it is necessary to see deeply and accurately what the world puts in front of us; to see light and shade in natural and man made objects, to be able to follow the line of a profile and accurately record the relationship of the shapes and surfaces which define what we are seeing.

In these sessions Reed hopes to start the process of learning to see deeply and examine the ways that drawing can assist the development of creative ideas.

Workshop will take place at National Craft Gallery, Castle Yard, Kilkenny

Booking through 056 7796151 or email


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