Gallery Policy

The Design & Crafts Council Ireland (DCCI) National Design & Craft Gallery (NDCG) Programming Policy takes its direction from the DCCI Strategic Objectives:

Photography at the National Design & Craft Gallery, Kilkenny

  • Photography in and around the National Design & Craft Gallery is only permitted for personal, non-commercial use.

DCCI Strategic Objectives 

  • Developing the market for Irish craft and design
  • Developing the knowledge and skills of craft makers and designers
  • Raising awareness, understanding and appreciation of Irish craft and design
  • Supporting membership organisations in the development of the design and crafts sector
  • Developing the innovation, enterprise and design capability of the design and crafts sector

About the National Design & Craft Gallery:

Established by the Design & Crafts Council Ireland in December 2000, the National Design & Craft Gallery is Ireland’s leading centre for contemporary craft and design. It plays a critical role in building understanding of material culture and of design and craft as a vehicle for economic growth. It exhibits Irish and international designers, artists and makers who push boundaries in their engagement with the making process. It inspires appreciation, creativity and innovation through its exhibition and education programmes.

The aims of the National Design & Craft Gallery:

  • To develop the understanding and appreciation of design and craft as a vehicle for enterprise, innovation, creativity and cultural identity
  • To contribute to the ongoing reputational development of Irish craft and design and its critical and commercial success
  • To develop the National Design and Craft Gallery as a critically-recognised authority on contemporary material culture
  • To create opportunities for the public to meaningfully engage with design and craft in a way that develops audiences and changes mindsets

How do we define quality?

A clear definition of quality is essential to underpin the DCCI’s selection procedures. The understanding of ‘quality’ can appear subjective, unless clearly defined; by ‘quality’ we mean a high measure of excellence, in the following three areas:

  • idea or concept behind the work
  • practice - the physical execution and impact of the work
  • development - the contribution the work makes to the development of the maker, the discipline or wider cultural understanding.

Excellence will be relative to the specific arena that a maker’s work aspires to, and will be articulated and measured against best practice in a transparent manner by the consensus of suitably qualified authorities in that arena. By ‘suitably qualified’, we mean individuals whose professional practice clearly and unarguably demonstrates specific expertise in academic, curatorial and/or making of craft at a level appropriate to the area being judged.

National Design & Craft Gallery management:    

  • The National Design & Craft Gallery Manager is responsible for devising the strategic direction of the gallery’s exhibition, touring, and marketing programmes;developing awareness, access and footfall; and day to day management of the venue and programme
  • The National Design & Craft Gallery budget is proposed by the National Design & Craft Gallery Manager and agreed by the DCCI executive and board.
  • The strategic aims of the exhibition programme are agreed at a top level in line with the DCCI strategy. The annual objectives are set each year on a rolling basis after evaluation of previous years exhibition performances versus objectives.
  • The annual National Design & Craft Gallery exhibition programme is developed by The National Design & Craft Gallery Programme Committee led by the National Design & Craft Gallery Manager and comprised of suitably qualified internal and external people
  • The National Design & Craft Gallery Education and Engagement Programme is managed and implemented by the Education and Engagement Curator.

National Design and Craft Gallery activities:

The National Design & Craft Gallery’s three main areas of activity comprise the Exhibition Programme, the Touring Programme and the Education and Outreach Programme.
The National Design & Craft Gallery Manager also manages the External Exhibition Fund.

For more information on the aims and implementation of all four strands, please read the PDF document in full available to download here.

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