Monumentality / Fragility

Monumentality / Fragility

European Prize for Applied Arts

9 February - 23 June 2019


Monumentality / Fragility
European Prize for Applied Arts 9 February - 23 June 2019

Exhibition across two major Kilkenny venues: KILKENNY CASTLE and NATIONAL DESIGN & CRAFT GALLERY

Monumentality – Fragility, this means the same thing. The same sky is everywhere, although different. (Kadri Mälk, artist and author)

Delicate robustness, provocative innocence, abundance and vulnerability... Artists were invited to draw inspiration from the paradoxical nature of the dual theme, Monumentality / Fragility, proposed by BeCraft (formerly: the World Crafts Council – Belgique Francophone, WCC-BF) for the 2018 edition of the European Prize for Applied Arts. 600 makers from across Europe responded to the open call from which 74 makers from 19 European countries were selected by an expert jury. The seven Irish participants selected are jewellers Eimear Conyard and Annmarie Reinhold; basketmaker Joe Hogan; silversmith Cóilín Ó Dubhghaill; ceramicist Nicola Kelly; and textile artists Caroline Schofield and Niki Collier.

We host this exhibition in Kilkenny in celebration of creativity and innovation in craft across Europe. In a time of discord, we are more than ever aware of our enduring connection as Europeans, and the importance of our shared heritage, cultural connections and contemporary collaborations. Highlighting new work by 74 of the most skilled, creative applied artists from across the continent - this exhibition brings together both artworks and makers to explore parallels in their approaches, thinking and techniques. This broader awareness and continued dialogue is imperative to nurture continued creative practice in Europe and beyond.

The European Prize for Applied Arts aims to reward the best creations of contemporary expression in applied arts and craftsmanship. The exhibitors and the winners of the WCC-BF Master Prize (€3,500) and the WCC-Europe Young Talent Prize (€3,000) are chosen by international experts on the basis of criteria of artistic merit, technical mastery and innovation. Taking place every three years, the European Prize for Applied Arts exhibition was launched in the Grand Hall, Mons Anciens Abattoirs in Belgium on 20th October 2018. An initiative of the WCC-BF in partnership with: Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles; the City of Mons; WCC-Europe and WCC-International.

Exhibitors: APARICIO JordiBEARD Peter / BECH-BRUUN Ulla / BERTRAND Cécile / BIEHNE Claudia / BIJLENGA Marian / BOLAÑOS-DURMAN Juli / CAMPO Kris / CARRÉ Sébastien / CEULEMANS Valérie / CHURCH Ray / COHN Gabriela / COLLIER Niki / CONTRERAS Trinidad / CONYARD Eimear / DANIELOVA Mária / DE BAETS Karine / DELARUE Marion / DELMOTTE Francine / DOMINGUES Patricia / DOT MELANIN / FAWKES Sally & JACKSON Richard / HARTEL Ann-Kathrin / HARTMANN Ariane / HOFFMAN Dorottya / HOGAN Joe / HOUDKOVA Lucie / ISVERDING Melanie / JAZAYERI Statira / KELLY Nicola / KING Jane / KUBELKOVA Zuzana / KÜNNAP Julia Maria / LABORDERY Dominique / LEES Nicholas / LETHBRIDGE James / LINDAHL Lena / LORINCZ Reka / MÄLK Kadri / MATSUKA Vicktoria / MORGAN Harry / MOUYSSINAT Nadège / NEMETH Susan / NES Janne / NIMANIS Artis / NOM Prénom / Ó DUBHGHAILL Cóilín / OU Jiun-You / PANDIKOW Wiebke / REINHOLD Annemarie / RICHARDS Loukia / RINTANIEMI Päivi / ROMANELLI Bruno / ROTHE Kristina / SARAFIAN Rita / SCHEPENS Helena / SCHLOTZ Martin / SCHOFIELD Caroline / SEUFERT Karin / SLEIRE Astrid / SOLAR Alejandra / SOUTHGATE Sophie / STANKOV Dimitar / TALBOT Anna / TERAJIMA Takaoshi / TOCH Adi / VAGI Flora / VAN DER LEEST Felieke / VAN DER PLAATS Ute / VAN GRIEKEN Reinhilde / VANMOL Karen / VISINTIN Graziano / WALKER Olivia / WARD Simon / WITHOFS Fabienne / ZANELLA Annamaria /

Education & Outreach

Programme of Events Tuesday 1 January 2019 at 5.13 pm

Seminar: Materiality and Process
Sat 9 February 2pm - 3.45pm
Join exhibiting makers, Ceramist Claudia Biehne (DE), Metalsmith Cóilín Ó Dubhghaill (IE/UK), Textile Artist Caroline Schofield (IE), Jeweller Dimitar Stankov (BG) for an afternoon of talks and discussion at the Parade Tower, Kilkenny. Registration will start at 1.30pm.


International Women’s Day
Fri 8 March 1pm - 4pm
Celebrate International Women's Day at the National Design and Craft Gallery. Join us for crafternoon tea treats, chats and tote bag screen printing to mark the occasion. All are welcome to drop in between 1pm - 4pm. Group bookings also accepted.


Craft Club: Unusual Animal Characters
Sat 9 March 11am + 12.30pm
Using Felieke Van Der Leest's work with toy animals as a starting point, children will create their own unusual animal characters. This workshop will begin with a discussion of Van Der Leest's work and design sketching, followed by fun construction techniques using a variety of mixed media such as animal toy parts and clay. FREE event, age 5 - 12yrs. Book here


St Patricks Festival: Bring The Bees Back!

Sat 16 March 11am + 12.30pm                                                                                           Meet Irish candle maker and bee keeper Ailbhe Gerrard of Brookfield Farm. Children will enjoy a hive talk that will give them great bee related knowledge. Sample some delicious Brookfield honey, watch and join in on demonstrations on candle making techniques with beeswax. FREE event, age 5 - 13yrs. Book here


Masterclass: Basket Making
Thurs 28 March 10am-5pm
To celebrate the European Artistic Craft Days 2019, Joe Hogan Ireland’s leading basket maker will deliver a full day masterclass at NDCG. Learn how to weave your own basket. Maximum no of places is 8. Includes detailed class notes on weaves practiced throughout the day and on the willow process. Maximum no of places is 8. Light lunch provided. Fee €95. Book here


Meet The Makers
Thurs 28 March 6.30pm
Join basket maker Joe Hogan and ceramicist Nichola Kelly, as they discuss their traditional craft disciplines within a contemporary craft context. Gain an insight into materials and techniques used in their work, the realisation behind their exhibited pieces presented at NDCG, and engage in a conversation about the future preservation of craft skills. FREE event. Book here


Craft Club: Fantastical Paper Jewellery
Sat 13 April 11am + 12.30pm
Children will experiment with coloured paper, paper punches and a card to recreate Anne Talbots fantastical jewellery inspired by fairy tales, nursery rhymes, songs and stories. FREE event, age 5 - 12yrs. Book here


Meet The Makers
Thurs 25 April 6.30pm
Join us at the gallery to meet Dublin based Niki Collier who works with constructed textiles and Edinburgh based Juli Bolanos Durman who has recently immersed into working with glass. These designer makers will reflect on the creative influences and development of their work as they consider and discuss materiality and process. FREE event. Book here  


Adult Workshop: Felted Artefacts
Thurs 25 April 2pm - 5pm €35
Niki Collier will guide participants in learning felt making techniques in response to her work on display in our current exhibition European Prize for Applied Arts. On completion of this practical workshop, participants will take home their own handmade constructed textile artefactes. Tea/coffee included. Book here


*Bealtaine - Crafternoon Tea
Wed 1 and Thurs 2 May 11am + 2pm
Crafternoon tea. Join us for an informal tour and social gathering at the gallery. Includes a fabric silk screen printing craft activity with Print Block. Celebrating creativity as we age, Bealtaine Festival 2018. Book here


Craft Club: My Upcycled Object
Sat 11 May 11am + 12.30pm
Inspired by maker Juli Bolanos-Durman children learn how to repurpose found or their objects and recycled materials, transforming them into precious artefacts that tell a story. FREE event, age 5 - 12yrs. Book here


National Drawing Day 2019
Sat 18 May 11am - 3pm 
Join us at the National Design & Craft Gallery and experience lots of FREE creative family fun and artistry this National Drawing Day. We have a wide range of workshops including drawing using wool and thread on handmade felt squares with Marika Manning, paper making with embossing techniques with Tunde Toth, perspective drawing with Marie Willgard Kelly, fabric silk screen printing and a garden party with fun activities led by our NDCG junior volunteer group.
Craft and drawing drop-in workshops for all ages.  Book here


Meet The Makers
Thursday 30 May 6.30pm
With metalsmiths Eimear Conyard, Annmarie Reinhold and Adi Toch. This will be an engaging presentation on the exhibitors practice as they discuss the different stages of their careers and consider how their work relates to the exhibition theme ‘Monumnetality and Fragility’. At 7.30pm the audience members will be invited to view a demonstration on the ancient Keem-boo technique, in the DCCoI Jewellery and Goldsmithing workshop space above the gallery. FREE event. Book here


Craft Club: Spectacular Spectacles
Sat 8 June 11am & 12.30pm
Discover materials and techniques used in the work of makers Victoria Matsuka with resident DCCoI education panel member Sandra McAllister. Children will create their own besboke fun spectacles. Includes Gallery Tour of selected work. FREE event, age 5 - 12yrs. Book here

Gallery Tours

Guided tours available for groups, just email or call to check availability and book. * TO BOOK ANY EVENT OR TOUR YOU CAN EMAIL OR CALL 056 7796151 *
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