Collectibles & Curiosities

Collectibles & Curiosities

6 June 2023 – 29 July 2023


Collectibles & Curiosities6 June 2023 – 29 July 2023

“Collectible and Curious”, two words that describe the history of our obsession with jewellery, precious materials and objects that tell stories about who we are and how we see ourselves.

For this exhibition, the Association for Contemporary Jewellers and Silversmiths NI  has brought together 16 contemporary jewellers and silversmiths from all over the world. Each piece relates to the theme “Collectibles and Curiosities” representing a wide range of narratives and cultures.

Their diverse approaches to the brief show not only technical precision and a dynamic use of materials, they also reflect their artistry as storytellers. Jewellery is a statement to both challenge and delight; Collectible & Curious!

Exhibitors include:
Alena Štukavcová Doležalová (Czech Republic), Ana Nadjar (Chile), Anne Earls Boylan (UK), Annie Ricketts (UK), Cameron & Breen (UK), Carmen López (Spain), Carol Bergocce (Brazil), Céline Traynor (Ireland), Cleopatra Cosulet (Romania), Clodagh Molloy (Ireland), Eva Lynch (Ireland), Lynne Speake (UK), Mária Roskó (Hungary), Rosie Deegan (UK), Shannon McShane (Ireland), Taylor Fentz (US).


The catalogue for the exhibition can be viewed HERE


Image Eva Lynch, title : Anthropoware IV

Photo credit Simon Mills

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