Hidden Treasures

Hidden Treasures

17 November 2022 – 28 January 2023


Hidden Treasures17 November 2022 – 28 January 2023

DCCI is delighted to announce that as part of Design Week, and in recognition of the heritage of design in Kilkenny and its Scandinavian links with Kilkenny Design Workshops, Young Finnish Design is bringing a new exhibition, 'Hidden Treasures' to the National Design & Craft Gallery, Kilkenny.

Hidden Treasures exhibition gathers prototypes and sketches of interior design products by emerging design talents from Finland.

During the 60th anniversary of Finland´s and Irelands´ diplomatic companionship the efforts of youth towards the future of companionship is highlighted. Culture has always been an important part of cooperation between Finland and Ireland and the history of Kilkenny is a demonstration of it. 

The aim of the exhibition is to showcase to a broader audience the works by emerging design talents from Finland which are not yet in production. Each piece is unique and most of them are handmade by the designers themselves. Hidden treasures exhibits prototypes and sketches of furniture, lighting, smaller interior design products and textiles by 29 young designers from design schools around Finland.

Hidden treasures is curated by Elisa Luoto and Heidi Maria Huovinen, two young designers from Finland and cofounders of Young Finnish Design. The exhibition offers a chance for emerging designers to showcase pieces which represent new Finnish design that have been forgotten in the depths of designers´ portfolios.

List of designers:

Aleksi Remsu / Kristoffer Heikkinen / Tomi Laukkanen / Anna Korte / Netta Kandelin / Eveliina Netti / Kaarina Tuppurainen / Waltter Mahlberg / Siri Huovila / Maiju Räty / Laura Väre / Anton Mikkonen / Josh Krute / Joona Karvonen / Zsuzsanna Horvath / Sofia af Hällström / Tiia Taiminen / Mirva Malmgren / Jenni Pehkonen / Niina Aalto / Jenna Nelson / Nooa Hietaniemi / Ronja Chydenius / Ruut Joensuu / Melissa Sammalvaara / Tomi Salo / Krishnaswamy Anusuya / Bianca Byggmästar / Atso Kurri / Matias Säkkinen / Päivi Niemelä / Piia Heikkilä / Otto Rainio


Image: Netta Kandelin - Pond tablelamp / Photographer Anne Kinnunen

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