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Watch, listen and read to discover more about the makers in GENERATION. These resources tell the stories that weave the exhibition together- through videos, podcasts and articles. Our Digital Library will continue to grow over the coming weeks bringing you generations of crafts to enjoy.

Álla Sinkevich
In 2018, Alla Sinkevich won the Brown Thomas Bursary prize. In this article she discusses her collection, Existential Nomad, with Grace Cahill.

Ryan Connolly
Read about Ryan's design and making processes, his influences and the hallmark of his style in the Irish Arts Review.

Mourne Textiles
In the podcast Material Matters with Grant Gibson, Mourne Textiles’ Mario Sierra discusses growing up surrounded by hand-weaving and the legacy of his grandmother Gerd Hay-Edie.

Róisín de Buitléar
Róisín’s Siansán glass sound objects, performed live by Liam Ó Maonlaoí and Peter O’Toole at Solstice Arts Centre during her solo exhibition 'Ornamentation’.

Róisín's Islanders Glass project in Venice, A projection project of 56 global island artists working in glass, using original artworks on miniature glass slides.

Róisín’s father, Eamon de Buitléar, discusses his familial background with Eileen Battersby in this Irish Times article from 1997.

Katharine West
In 2015, Katharine was interviewed by Marion McEnroy-Higgins with the conversation focusing on protecting the necessity of making.

Mark Campden
Mark's father, Edgar was a master potter who developed exceptional skills in lustreware at the Aldermaston Pottery with Alan Caiger-Smith. Edgar Campden's obituary in the Guardian by Tanya Harrod gives insightful context to his and Mark's ceramic techniques.

Cara Murphy A process video recorded by Cara exploring 'Enameling Techniques' produced for #GetIrelandMaking

Hugo Byrne Feature in The Irish Times by Gemma Tipton on Hugo's practice A process video recorded by Hugo 'Crafting a Bespoke Knife' produced for #GetIrelandMaking

Mary Nagle Photos and videos of 'Memorare' exhibition at Limerick School of Art, Feb 2020

Glenn Adamson is an American curator, author, and historian who focuses on the intersections of design, craft, and contemporary art. His book The Invention of Craft gives a theoretical discussion of skilled work is extended back in time and across numerous disciplines. He contributed an essay to the GENERATION catalogue with a stimulating reflection on the transference of skills. These podcasts expand on the importance of craft and making in society:

Curious Objects - Object Philosophy 101

Material Matters with Grant Gibson - On Material Intelligence


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Gallery Talks & Seminars

As part of DCCI's Get Ireland Making programme, NDCG presented a two part seminar, chaired by #Generationexhibition curators Frances McDonald and Muireann Charleton. Maker panel discussions explored the narratives of relationships, generational influence and commonalities of family craft enterprises.

20 May 12noon + 2pm

PANEL 1 #ReinventingTradition - Recorded Panel Link 

Generation co-curator Frances Mc Donald chaired panel discussion with makers, ceramist Mark Campden, sliversmith Cara Murphy and weaver Mario Sierra of Mourne Textiles. This panel explored the impact of familial craft heritage and how custodians continue to reinterpret their contemporary craft practice, through the use of materials and tools passed down to them from previous generations. The panel encouraged us to consider how we can in-still the value of inherited craft skills for future generations.

PANEL 2  #CultureOfMaking - Recorded Panel Link 

Generation co-curator Muireann Charleton chaired panel discussion with exhibition makers, ceramic artist Katharine West, knife maker Hugo Byrne and artist Róisín de Buitléar. Makers discuss the experience of growing up within creative families, reflecting on archival pieces in the exhibition and the legacy of previous generations. The panel highlights the makers life-long immersive experiences in a craft culture, and considers what a future Culture of Making might look like.


Late Dates

Usually on the last Thursday of the month, we open our doors late for an after hours look at the current exhibition, accompanied by a glass of wine and an informal discussion. It’s a great place to meet new friends and get an alternative point of view.