Workshop: International Womens Day

Workshop: International Womens Day

Personal, Precious, Political

Tues 8 March | 10.30am - 1pm & 6pm - 8.30pm


For International Women's Day 2016, textile artist Caroline Schofield leads a jewellery workshop exploring and contextualising the personal, social and contemporary values of objects inspired by the exhibition Not Too Precious.

Mothers leaving children at the Foundling Hospital in London in the early 18th Century left a piece of fabric/token so that she could recognise her baby should she come back to reclaim the child. Even after the  institutions practice changed, mothers for the next 4 decades continued to leave tokens. The tokens are charged with an intrinsic value far beyond the fabric’s worth, becoming more precious then the cloth.

This workshop invites participants to bring a personal object (i.e. a piece of clothing, fabric or a found object with personal memory) to make a wearable/jewellery piece.

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