LATE DATES for LIMINAL - Irish Design at the Threshold

LATE DATES for LIMINAL - Irish Design at the Threshold

Liminal – Irish design at the threshold, celebrates innovative Irish design and craft, exploring its connectivity and ability to transcend disciplinary boundaries to address the issues of today. A series of three LATE DATES have been programmed for Liminal at the National Craft Gallery - come along and meet the designers and join the conversation around how craft and design can help to shape our future and meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Thurs 28 April, 6pm
Discussing the Mapping The State project, Ciarán ÓGaora designer and brand strategy consultant of ZeroG explores how design can be utilised to clarify organisational structures, instigate dialogue and as a catalyst for beneficial change. Mapping the State, is an evolving project that visualises the various agencies of the Irish state. The map was created as a starting point for a conversation. The project is informed by a desire to assist citizens better navigate their state, understand its modi operandi, and engage constructively with its possibilities. Inspired by the work of Government Digital Services in the UK, the map outlines the legislative, judicial, executive and local governmental structures of state. Prior to the creation of this map, there had been no single diagram of the Irish state, making it difficult, if not impossible, to understand and appreciate the full scope of relationships and structures within it. Mapping the State is a collaboration with the UCD Geary Institute for Public Policy and leverages Zero-G's experience in using design methodologies to facilitate change in public and private organisations. Zero-G is a Dublin-based design practice engaged in research, strategy and design.

Wed 25 May, 6.30pm
Kilkenny Design Workshops [KDW 1963-1988] marked a change for design in Ireland, 50+ years on it was followed by Irish Design 2015 a year of celebrating and raising awareness of Irish design and innovation. In this Late Date Dr Linda King, Lecturer in Design at IADT, Dr PJ White Lecturer and Research Leader at Design Core, Carlow, and John Cleere of Red Lemonade Creative reflect on the evolution of Irish design from the 1960’s and discuss current directions.

The Scandinavian Report of 1961 had examined the state of Design In Ireland and made a number of recommendations; including the setting up of a centre of design excellence and estabhlishing a year to raise awareness of Irish design nationally and internationally. Kilkenny Design Workshops was the first of its kind, a state-sponsored design agency which invited some of the most innovative designers and craftspeople to relocate to Kilkenny to share their skills and develop the Irish design sector, building links with industry and growing the market for Irish design and manufacture. Irish Design 2015 [ID2015] answered another recommendation of the Scandinavian Report in designating a year focused on building the international profile of Irish design, this exhibition Liminal was the ID2015 flagship exhibition traveling to design weeks around the world. in this final presentation of Liminal we think about how we might envisage the future of design in Ireland. BOOK NOW

Thurs 30 June, 6.30pm
Leading strategic product design consultancy Design Partners talk about the development of products such as the Calor Mini Bbq and Silvair Smart Control System developed with Seed Labs, sharing the story-led design approach they utilise. The talk will be followed by a demo of the Calor Mini Bbq and tastings with samples of locally brewed Costellos Beer.

Headquartered in Dublin, Design Partners has a team of award winning designers, engineers and makers working from studios in Dublin, San Francisco and Eindhoven. The team leads with clarity of intent and a relentless focus on execution and delivery, fuelling clients’ ambitions through the creation of exceptional new products. They consult across sectors with global brands and high potential start-ups including Seed Labs, Honeywell, Corning, Calor, Ultimate Ears, LG, Logitech and Panasonic. Design Partners mission and approach is to partner with ambitious clients and help fuel their growth by providing exceptional, story-led design experiences. BOOK NOW