Maker Seminar: Communicating Your Craft

Maker Seminar: Communicating Your Craft

Friday February 8th, 1.30pm-5.30pm
Venue: Berkley Room, Pembroke Hotel, Kilkenny

‘Our writing about [craft] must aspire to be as nimble and open to revision as the materials we are writing about.’ Professor Jessica Hemmings.

Communicating Your Craft is a seminar designed for craft makers, focusing on the importance of concise and relevant writing in statements and proposals. The seminar examines the written word as a tool used to explain, contextualise and promote craft practices within catalogues, articles, websites, exhibitions and applications. Organised by the Crafts Council of Ireland (CCoI) in association with the National Craft Gallery, this seminar aims to support you in effectively communicating your craft.

Professor Jessica Hemmings, textile writer and Head of Visual Culture at the NCAD, will introduce the seminar with a keynote address entitled Writing about Practice: Material Words. Drawing on exam-ples from fiction alongside theoretical writing, this presentation will consider how textiles negotiate their future relationship with written language. In this lecture, Hemmings proposes that our attention to the material of language should be comparable to that given to the development of the discipline.

The afternoon will continue with a presentation, by Muireann Charleton, Education & Innovation Officer at CCoI, offering clear and practical advice on making applications. CCoI staff will share tips from the perspective of the selection panel and offer valuable advice on presenting your work in a professional and convincing manner. 

Continuing the seminar, Dr. Eleanor Flegg will facilitate a master class entitled Creative Practice in Writing, focusing on employing your creativity in writing statements, in order to appropriately represent your craft practice. In this workshop Flegg, along with the panel, will examine a sample selection of participant statements to determine how you are communicating your craft.

The seminar will conclude with a peer workshop in which participants share their statements in small groups. This session is designed to reflect on the information shared during the day and to identify how your work is portrayed when your text stands alone.

Muireann Charleton, Education & Innovation Manager, CCoI
Emer Ferran, Enterprise Development Programme Manager, CCoI
Eleanor Flegg, Writer and Academic
Ciara Garvey, Development Manager, Collector & Tourism Programmes, CCoI
Jessica Hemmings, Head of Faculty Visual Culture, NCAD
Susan Holland, Education & Outreach Officer, CCoI

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