ZOOM Seminar - Generation: Familial Legacies

ZOOM Seminar - Generation: Familial Legacies

20 May 12noon + 2pm

As part of DCCI's Get Ireland Making programme, NDCG present a two part seminar chaired by #Generationexhibition curators Frances McDonald and Muireann Charleton. Maker panel discussions will explore the narratives of relationships, generational influence and commonalities of family craft enterprises.

PANEL 1 #ReinventingTradition - Recorded Panel Link

Generation co-curator Frances Mc Donald chaired panel discussion with makers, ceramist Mark Campden, sliversmith Cara Murphy and weaver Mario Sierra of Mourne Textiles. This panel explored the impact of familial craft heritage and how custodians continue to reinterpret their contemporary craft practice, through the use of materials and tools passed down to them from previous generations. The panel encouraged us to consider how we can in-still the value of inherited craft skills for future generations.

PANEL 2  #CultureOfMaking - Recorded Panel Link

Generation co-curator Muireann Charleton chaired panel discussion with exhibition makers, ceramic artist Katharine West, knife maker Hugo Byrne and artist Róisín de Buitléar. Makers discuss the experience of growing up within creative families, reflecting on archival pieces in the exhibition and the legacy of previous generations. The panel highlights the makers life-long immersive experiences in a craft culture, and considers what a future Culture of Making might look like.


As part of Design & Crafts Council Ireland #GetIrelandMaking programme, supported by CreativeIrl + Culture on RTÉ

Posted on May 19, 2020.